ACatechol, Inc. is spun-out from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2016, and owns multiples IPs of antifouling, antimicrobial, wet bonding, and easy debonding technologies and know-how for various such as medical, dental, personal care and cosmetic applications.

Catechol is a unique chemical residue existing in biological organisms.

ACatechol developed innovative surface treatment technologies using the extraordinary interfacial properties of catechol moiety


Nature of Core State-of-the-art



Business model. 

1) We are building our own brand for antifouling/antimicrobial coating technology (such as GORE-TEX for clothing) for medical devices (e.g., catheters) and dental devices (e.g., clear aligners).   
2) Strategic partnership with medical and dental manufacturers to look for licensing options: currently, we have licensed our wet-bonding and on-demand debonding technologies to one of the world's largest dental companies.

3) Direct sales / supplies of cosmetic / disinfectant / sanitizer ingredients / special coating products such as our SweaTack (anti-slippery and moisture-resistant polymer)

ACatechol, Inc.

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