• Kollbe Ahn, PhD, CEO

Dr. Kollbe Ahn founded ACatechol during his appointment as a faculty at UC Santa Barbara, and has recently left his tenure-track professor position to focus exclusively on ACatechol. He has managed multimillion-dollar government/industrial R&D funds as PI, authored numerous high-profile publications such as Nature and Science papers in the field of surface science and biomaterials, and maintains his academic activities at the University of California System, affiliated with UCLA and UCSB.

  • Roscoe Linstadt, PhD, CSO

With a strong publication record and background in synthetic chemistry, surfactant chemistry, and coatings, since his appointment at ACatechol, Dr. Roscoe Linstadt has successfully helped develop multiple surface treatment technologies currently undergoing commercialization.

  • Eric Ryan, MBA, CFO

Mr. Eric Ryan is a successful entrepreneur and president/founder of Resonant Ltd, E.C. Ryan International, Inc., Minno LLC, and EDEC Digital Forensics. He has >25 years of commercialization experience on various products

  • Philp Ho, DMS, COO

Dr. Philip Ho is an entrepreneur (president/founder of Ho Dental) and dental clinician with >35 years of experience, and has commercialized various products.

  • Jinsoo Ahn, DDS, PhD, Secretary

Dr. Jinsoo Ahn is co-founder of ACatechol, and Professor of Seoul National University, School of Dentistry. He has >15 years of clinical and R&D experience.

  • David Ho, MD, Scientific Advisor

Dr. David Ho is the founding scientific director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center and Professor of Columbia University. His pioneering effort to treat HIV demonstrated for the first time the durable control of HIV replication in patients receiving combination antiretroviral therapy. He is currently one of the leading COVID-19 and HIV researchers in the world. He provides professional advice for ACatechol's anti-biofouling & anti-viral/anti-microbial surface coating technology for clinical applications.

  • Mohamed Zayed, MD, PhD, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Zayed is a vascular surgeon-scientist at the Washington University at St. Louis, School of Medicine. He has academic appointments in the Department of Surgery, Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Division of Molecular Cell Biology. He has over 15 years of clinical experience, and has an established NIH-funded research laboratory, as well as technical expertise in large animal research models. He provides ACatechol with surgical and technical expertise, as well as professional advice regarding future clinical applications of anti-biofouling & anti-viral/anti-microbial surface treatment.

  • Bruce Lipsutz, PhD, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Bruce Lipsutz is Professor at UC Santa Barbara. He is a world-renowned expert in surfactants. He is also an entrepreneur, started up several successful companies. He provides ACatechol professional advice for design and synthesis of ACatechol's gemini-molecules. 

  • Sam Nguyen, JD, PhD, Legal Advisor

Dr. Sam Nguyen is a partner with Hamilton DeSanctis & Cha LLP. He focuses his practice on the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and international pharmaceutical and biotechnology. He helps ACatechol with patent prosecution and provides general legal counseling.

  • Dave Adornetto, MBA, Business and Financial Advisor

Mr. Dave Adornetto spent >20 years in the medical device industry in a variety of executive positions, including COO/CFO of InTouch Health, and Senior VP of Operations for Mentor Corporation. He is currently the Entrepreneurship Director of UC Santa Barbara. He provides ACatechol business advice such as strategic partnership and fundraising, etc. 

  • Stradling Yocca and BakerHostetler 

BakerHostetler and Stradling Yocca represent ACatechol, Inc.

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