ACatechol provides (ACatechol exclusively owns the patents related to the following technologies)

Anti-pathogenic (virucidal and antimicrobial) surface treatment and coating technology

More than 25% of patients in the ICU develop bacterial super-infection, and are more prone to progressing to severe pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and death (>60,000 deaths in the US alone each year), e.g., ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) with 53-75% mortality. Bacterial super-infections are in part due to the formation of microbial films (e.g., biofouling) on endotracheal tubes (ETTs) and catheters. This is an important problem, as the use of such indwelling devices leads to >250,000 catheter-associated infections annually in the US alone.

ACatechol has developed a new class of innovative antifouling coatings by integrating the surface modification technique with powerful gemini-mediated technology, which in pre-clinical studies displays high levels of resistance to virucidal and bacterial colonization without a lease of any geno- and cyto-toxic biocides such as Ag+ ions. This technology can also be used as a long-lasting (semi-permanent) sanitizing or disinfectant coating to prevent person-to-person transmission of highly infectious deceases such as COVID-19.

Anti-microbial / anti-cavity surface treatments for dental materials do not currently exist.  ACatechol has developed a surface treatment coating technology that can prevent/kill oral microorganisms causing tooth decay such as S. mutans. This technology can be applied for orthodontic clear aligners to significantly reduce the necessity of frequent cleaning of clear aligners and the chance of getting cavities and teeth stains. This technology can also be applied for implant surfaces to prevent dental implant infections.
Cell-regeneration / hemostatic / antimicrobial / biocompatible / biodegradable gel: ACatechol has developed a biocompatible and biodegradable gel that promotes cell-regeneration, and provides hemostatic and antimicrobial properties. This gel can be used for ostedoinductive binder and bone repair for bone graft materials for dental implant and other endodontic treatments as it promotes wound healing, hemostasis and prevents peri-implantitis (a common post-implant infection, causing bone loss, bleeding gums, swelling, and pain). This gel can also be applied for general various surgeries and cosmetics.
Wet-bonding has been a long-existing challenge in materials science. ACatechol has developed bio-inspired surface priming and bonding technology to enhance wet-adhesion. The non-toxic, injectable, non-hydrogel, zero swelling degree, anti-pathogenic and biocompatible adhesive and coating technology can be applied to all wet surfaces including epidermis, dermis, subcutis, muscle, tendon, blood vessels, bone, tooth, etc, and biomedical devices (e.g., metals, ceramics, plastics) for biomedical applications and cosmetics.
On-demand debonding has been required in various applications including dental bracket and crown removal. Current state-of-the-art uses mechanical breaking and grinding, leading irrevisable damages to teeth. ACatechol has developed on-demand debonding in <10 seconds at the interface by applying a special wavelength of light.
Anti-slippery and moisture-resistant coating: All surfaces get slippery when sweaty or wet (e.g., in sports such as tennis, ping-pong, basketball, yoga, football, or scuba diving). SweaTack coatings form in seconds after being applied (or sprayed), providing non-slipperiness (high shear) and reusable low-tackiness surfaces. This technology can also be applied for moisture-resistant hair products as providing tackiness in moist/wet conditions.
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